Write Own TOC Tool

Context and Problem Statement

ADRs have to be indexed somehow. E.g., for offering a website showing all ADRs.

Considered Options

  • Write own tool adr-log
  • Use adr-tools’ TOC functionality

Decision Outcome

Chosen option: “Write own tool adr-log”, because

  • we want to have the format ADR-0001 - Title in the TOC.
  • adr-tools offers title only.

We accept that changing adr-tools would also be possible. It is prepared to included header and footer: https://github.com/npryce/adr-tools/blob/master/tests/generate-contents-with-header-and-footer.sh.


  • Good, because adr-log is installable using npm install -g adr-log, which is easier than installing adr-tools.
  • Bad, because another tool has to be maintained