Include “Consulted” and “Informed” of RACI

Context and Problem Statement

We noticed an intersection between MADR and RACI, and felt the need to add a “consulted” and “informed” field in addition to “deciders”. Would it be beneficial to “upstream” these fields to MADR?

MADR Issue: #62.

Decision Drivers

  • MADR should contain fields important to the ADR decision process
  • MADR template should be easy to understand
  • MADR should be lightweight

Considered Options

  • Include “Consulted” and “Informed” of RACI
  • Include all fields of RACI
  • Do not include anything of RACI

Decision Outcome

Chosen option: “Include ‘Consulted’ and ‘Informed’ of RACI”, because comes out best (see below).

Pros and Cons of the Options

Include “Consulted” and “Informed” of RACI

  • Good, because these two roles of RACI are well understood.
  • Good, because we make these fields optional, thus it keeps MADR still lightweight.
  • Bad, because it adds two additional fields

Include all fields of RACI

This would add “Responsible”, “Accountable”, “Consulted”, and “Informed”

  • Good, because complete RACI would be included
  • Bad, because get confused about who is “accountable” and who is “responsible”.
  • Bad, because if decisions are mostly taken by consensus in small committees, then there might not be an “accountable” person.